A Honeymoon in Indonesia

Tanjung Bira beach is located in the south of the island of Sulawesi, located about 150 km from Makassar, the capital of South Sulawesi, Indonesia.

This beach is famous for its beautiful soft sand beaches and beautiful blue sea. This place also perfect for honeymoon and spending holiday time with family.In addition to enjoying the beauty beach, You can also enjoy browsing the beautiful island of Liukang Loe. The island is close to Tanjung Bira. You need to hire a speedboat to get there. Travel time taken for 20 minutes.

Here is relatively quiet and very quiet. is perfect for those who like a quiet atmosphere.

In Tanjung Bira also include Ship maker Phinisi group. Bugis timber ship was already famous in the world. You can see directly how they make this ship. One location is located in ship building Panrang Luhu, Tanjung Bira. Making these timber ships can reach one year or more.

How to get there?

Are you curious about the beauty of Tanjung Bira? If you are a foreign tourist, you can take a flight from Jakarta to Makassar. The ticket price about USD 60 – USD 150.

From Makassar Airport, there are many travel agents that offer honeymoon tour packages. You can rent a car rental from Makassar to Tanjung Bira. Be smart bargain prices and find the appropriate price you.

In Tanjung Bira there are a number of resorts and hotels. You can stay in Amatoa resort, which is located on the edge of a beautiful teping with crystal clear sea water at the bottom. You can also stay at Bira View Hotel. The hotel stilts complete with air conditioning and a terrace to enjoy the beauty of Tanjung Bira.

In addition, there are also Bara Beach Bungalows, located on the edge of a deserted white sand beach and Sunshine Bungalows are located on top of a proof directly overlooking the beach.